How to Clean Carpet Mould and Mildew in 7 Easy Steps

Untreated dampness or stain on the carpet create mould and mildew. However, moulds and mildew on carpets can be because of overwatered plants. Moreover, untrained puppies can also be a matter of mould growth on carpets. Nevertheless, mould looks like green or white patches on carpets. 

Even moulds cause a strong base odour. As a result, mould and mildew on carpets give place to many diseases. Regardless, if you spot any mould and mildew on your carpet. Then immediately apply an effective treatment to remove them. Thus, in many cases, mould is growing and living organisms on the carpet. Even mould and mildew spread rapidly on the carpet surface. There are many steps or ways to get rid of mould and mildew on carpets. In this article, we will be discussing – How to Clean Carpet Mould and Mildew in 7 Easy Steps. Therefore, for the best and most effective result do read this article till the end. 

Necessary 7 Steps To Clean Carpet Mould and Mildew 

  • Increase Ventilation: Ventilate the room by opening the doors and windows. Moreover, if possible then you should take the carpet outside under the sun. After placing the carpet outside, then you should treat it. Though all the moulds are not dangerous, yes, it is very important to treat them with a facemask. Moreover, before working on mould wear gloves and eye protection glasses. 
  • Examining Mould: If you cannot lift or eliminate your carpet outside. Then you should treat that moulded part of your carpet. Even if possible, for examining the mould, try to lift the carpets. Nevertheless, if your carpet surface is largely infected with mould. So, it is better to remove the entire carpet with a new one. If not then the second option you can replace that moulded part with a carpet pad. 
  • Remove mould spores: Another important step after examining is removing mould spores. Thus, you can remove the mould spores on the carpet, by scrubbing the surface with a brush. Even after brushing the mould, try to trash them in a bin. Furthermore, remember never to try to remove the mould with a vacuum. Moreover, if you rub the front area of the carpet. So, always remember to scrub the backside of the carpet too. 
  • Spraying on Mould and Mildew: After scrubbing, saturate the mildew and mould area on the carpet. Even use an antifungal spray, as it is safe for carpet fabric. If you can remove the carpet, then try spraying both sides of it. Even spray the floor, as it has been contacted with the mouldy portion. Then, let the spray sit about an hour on the carpet. 
  • Remove Anti-fungal spray: After an hour, remove the anti-fungal spray with a dry towel. Moreover, don’t rinse the antifungal spray area with any other treatment. However, the antifungal spray will be affected after drying up. You can also use a fan for drying up the mould on the carpet. Instead, you can also close your room window and dry up the carpet naturally. Nevertheless, remember not to allow your kid or pet to come during the drying process. 
  • Dispose of things used during treatment: After cleaning the mould, clean that scrubbed brush with hot water. Moreover, wash or clean the dustpan with hot soapy water. Hence, clean all the things used during antifungal treatment. Even disposing of the facemask and gloves worn during the mould cleaning. 
  • Repeat the process: Once your carpet dried up completely, then repeat the process. Thus follow the about steps again for the complete removal of mould and mildew. 

Mould & Mildew Prevention Tips For Carpets

It is very important to avoid mould and mildew from carpets. Here are some prevention tips to keep your carpets mould and mildew-free. 

  • Try to dry the wet areas on the carpet immediately
  • You can prevent moisture on the carpet with proper ventilation
  • Even you should have mould cleaning products at home 
  • Always monitor your indoor humidity temperature
  • Avoid having stable or standing water at your home 
  • Repair or clean your roof gutter quickly 
  • Improve the air quality at your place. 


How to Clean Carpet Mould and Mildew in 7 Easy Steps– is a very common question. However, we suggest that it’s better to hire experts for mould and mildew removal. As cleaning mould and mildew from carpets is a very risky job. Cleaning mould/mildew needs an experienced and effective treatment. And, certified experts are well aware of all the facts about mould. Moreover, professionals use industry-approved solutions during mould cleaning. Even they have all the modern tools and products for clearing mildew. So, if you are tensed about how to clean mould and mildew. Then it’s better to rely on licensed experts for long-lasting results. Carpet Cleaning Glenmore Park professionals further clean mold and mildew from carpets completely with zero damage.